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Fri, Jun. 23rd, 2006, 05:45 pm

Prom last night. It was AMAZING! I had such a fantastic time!!! I was really worried what it was going to be like, and whether I'd look stupid dancing, but EVERYONE danced and it was the best evening of my life.

Of course, my date made it so much better *kiss* thank you baby. 

Wed, May. 31st, 2006, 09:04 pm

Today has been fantastic yet again.

I saw John again, for the second time in three days :):) EEEE! I love him so much! I went to his house today, which was coolie. I had an amazing time, he makes me so very happy :):). I'm so high now, I can't stop smiling. It's got to be the best day ever!

I love you sweetheart *kiss* thank you so much *cuddle*

Mon, May. 29th, 2006, 09:48 pm

Today has been amazing...I've had such an amazing day!

This morning we went to the health club, and played badminton and went for a swim. Dad and I lost the badminton match against Mum and Alex AGAIN. It's lame. They shouldn't win, we should! Not that I'm competitive or anything...The swim was pretty good fun as well.

After lunch we picked John up from the train station and bought him back here. We spent about an hour in my room, and then we went to the cinema to see the DaVinci code. My parents decided they wanted to see it as well, so me and John sat in the back row, while they sat about 7 rows infront. The movie was pretty good, but there were some things that annoyed me about it. Mainly where the storyline was changed from the book. It stopped half way through, because the reel broke, and so we all got free tickets in the end, even though the movie started again!

When we came home, we had lasagne and garlic toast for tea. It was delicious, and despite my vodka ice being disgusting, I really enjoyed it. We had ice cream for desert and I covered it in sugary stuff lol. I'm so immature.

After tea we had about half an hour before we had to take John back to the train station. As we pulled in, the train showed up, so he had to leave almost straight away. :(:(:(:( I hate saying goodbye :( It's horrible.

I had a fantastic afternoon sweetheart *cuddle* thank you :)

Sun, May. 28th, 2006, 09:52 pm
this weekend

This weekend has been pretty damn cool!

Friday after my RS exam, Dad picked me up from school and took me out for lunch. I had a really lovely time, and I've realised how close I really am to my Dad. I'm such a Daddy's girl it's unbelievable! Anyway, afterwards we ended up going on a hunt for some contact lens solution, and although it must be the most boring thing to buy, Dad made it hilarious. I love him so much lol. Work on Friday was pretty good, apart from these 15 year old guys who think they are IT and don't respect me as a coach, but whatever.

Saturday morning I had tap, which was really good fun, because Nicky was trying to get us to do stuff that was so difficult, but if you do it wrong you look like a farmer. We had her rolling around on the floor laughing we were that bad! Tap is just funny...

Trampolining was pretty good as well. We did sprint races for warm ups and it was girls versus boys. I somehow ended up at the back of the line and so when I went, the boys were beating us by 1/4 of the distance on the first two runs. I, however, being the most amazing runner in the world (haha) managed to catch them up and overtake them so that we won the first two races! yay! After that it went downhill as people started cheating, but it was very funny and a really good warm up. After all that running, my training started off a bit rubbish because I was tired, but it picked up so I was happy :) Had to stay for an extra hour after my session, because Alex had to stay for ballet (haha!) but there was a free trampoline, so I played for an hour.

In the afternoon, after showering/eating/important things, mum took me into Poole because she wanted a new top. She got nothing, but I ended up getting 6 new tops, which I was very pleased about. :) Ended up having an argument with her when we got back though, but apart from that it was coolie.

In the evening, I watched "The cave" with my dad and Alex because mum had gone out. It is creepy! It freaked me out so much that I had to check under my bed and in my wardrobe before I went to bed! No joke! lol.

This morning I stayed in bed until about 10, and after breakfast and stuff we all went down to the health club. Played a game of badminton for an hour first, but I was really struggling because my legs ached from trampolining yesterday. After that, we went for a swim and Alex and I messed around in the pool for about an hour. We actually got on for once...and are still getting on...it's weird. I actually had a really good time with him! We had to go to Tesco on the way back for food for our BBQ tonight and we persuaded our parents to buy us loads of random stuff lol.

This evening we had a BBQ with some friends of Mum and Dad's who have two sons who are around Alex's age. The food was good, and the people were ok, but they can be very boring...

Organised to meet up with John tomorrow, so I'm happy :):):)

Right. I'm off.

Thu, May. 25th, 2006, 09:25 pm

This week has been pretty good.

Monday I didn't go into school until 10ish, and I only went in the because I had a piano lesson. It was coolie. Then had to try and revise in the library with Frankie and everyone talking a about their usual disgusting stuff. I got really annoyed with them, so moved up to the music room for two periods and managed to revise up there because it was quiet. Lunch was funny! We had to eat really fast because we had to leave 15 minutes early to get to our exam on time. Serving the fudge brownies up was FUNNY. Sarah cut, Alex put them in the bowls and I literally threw the bowls down the table lol. It was my first proper exam on Monday; Music listening. It went pretty ok I think, but some of it was quite hard, and we got the Harry Potter theme in one question :s lol.

Tuesday I had to go into school in the morning because I had my English Literature exam. It was really good! I got two questions that I had practiced and the I really wanted! It was great! After the exam, Kaz and I went to the beach, and had lunch in the little cafe before sitting on the sand for a while. Then it started raining so we sheltered for a while, and then went back to school coz I thought I'd left my phone there. Couldn't find my phone, so we ended up going into Boscombe. Didn't buy anything, but it was fun all the same. When we got back to school had another look for my phone, but couldn't find it. It eventually turned up in my school shoe :S lol.

Yesterday and today I've been left all on my lonesome revising at home :S It's so damn lonely! Oh well. This evening I went outside and spent some time with Lauren, Grace and Roseanne. She is the most annoying 4 year old IN the world. AND she was wearing mascara. She is only four for god's sake. It's sooo stupid.

Came in and nearly fell asleep, I'm shattered.

RS Philosophy exam tomorrow. Yay.

Sun, May. 21st, 2006, 07:31 pm

Yesterday was soo amazing.

Went to John's yesterday afternoon after trampolining. We were meant to be going to his friend Sally's house for a garden party, but the weather was not very friendly, and we wouldn't have been allowed in the house at Sally's so we pulled out. We spent a lovely afternoon/evening together. Had some very deep and meaningful conversations which was really lovely! We had chinese for tea which was good :):)lol.

He let me have a go on his electric guitar and I fell in love with it. Started thinking about buying one last night, and had a quick look on ebay this morning. Yeh...ok...not just a look. I ended up buying a pink one. lol. It is going to rock so much! I can't wait! EEE!!!!

Rock chick signing out.

Wed, May. 17th, 2006, 08:43 pm
Last Day!

So today was my last day at school! We've now broken up for study leave, and my exams start Monday! :s SCARY much!

I had such a fantastic day! We played so many tricks around the school! We stole ALL the clocks, this flag thing and the really posh carpet out of the main hall, we set a random table in the middle of the hall with cutlery and stuff, we drew a body in chalk on the front driveway, we wrote "Year 11 rock" on the back of all the toilet doors, we sang REALLY loudly in the hymn in assembly, we stuck a sign up in the corridor saying "start conga line here", we stuck a post it on a picture of the sea saying "you are here", we stuck blue-tack to the lunch bell, we changed all the table numbers round in the canteen, we stuck police tape everywhere and we stuck funny photos over other photos. They were only little things, but they were so funny!

I also did NO work WHATSOEVER in lessons today. We messed around in double chemistry, sticking stuff to peoples backs, dancing round the lab, sticking signs to the door, and generally being immature. In music, Mrs Goodman bought us chocolate cake, pringles and fizzy drinks, and tryed to get us to work, but we ended up playing musical chairs and singing/dancing to a grease cd! In PSHE we did a poll, and I came out as the person who would be the strictest mother. lol.

Then we had loads of pictures taken as groups and stuff before having a buffet lunch. Rach made me cry first by saying she was so grateful to have all of us as friends and stuff, and then people started apologising to people and that made me cry too. I cried for about an hour!

We left school at 2:30 and I caught the train into Bournemouth with the girls. We bought Vicky's prom dress!!! It's amazing! Then we randomly shopped for a bit. I only bought a book in french though! Went to pizza hit for tea and then we all split off to go our separate ways.

It's so sad. All my best mates are leaving, and school is never going to be the same again. They all mean the world and more to me, and i'm going to miss them so bloody much. I'm crying just writing this and thinking about them. It's going to be so weird without them next year. I'm going to try my hardest to see them all the time, because they're great friends, and I love them to pieces. If you're reading this guys, I love you.


Tue, May. 9th, 2006, 09:21 pm

Saw John on Sunday :):):):):):) fourth time in 5 weeks or something!!

We went to Bournemouth and he took me out for lunch at Yellow River, a gorgeous Chinese. It was really lovely of him! He's so sweet! After lunch we went for a wander around; nipped into Smiths to buy a notepad for all my friends who are leaving to sign :S then we went into the gardens for a bit :) found our graffitied bench lol. We went to the cinema to see "Slither" which is kind of a comedy-horror thingy. I was really scared! But I'm a complete wimp...and blood :S eww. Two of John's sister's friends who go to my school ended up in the same movie as us, and deliberately sat the row in front of us. One of them gave Emily a report on us afterwards *eyeroll*. After the movie we went for a cup of tea...which was a bit, well...and then we went off into the gardens again. Someone was sat on our bench :| not funny.

Hated saying goodbye...and the bastards at the station were really annoying and made him get on the train ages before it left...grr..

I had a fantastic time, and it just keeps getting better. It's the times inbetween that are really difficult. I love him so much, I really do.

Thank you, sweetheart *kiss* so much. I love you *cuddle* and you mean the world to me.

Sun, Apr. 30th, 2006, 08:25 pm

Today has been amazing. Went to John's this afternoon and it was fantastic.

Thank you so so much sweetheart *kiss* I love you so so much *cuddle* I had a fantastic time and I miss you already.

Thu, Apr. 27th, 2006, 09:04 pm

Long time, no update....sorry! Have been v. busy with school work etc, and have exams coming up, so expect very few updates...

Sunday was my birthday. I'm now sweet 16. hmm...

Sunday was the best day of my life, no contest. Got up lateish and went downstairs to find the living room all decorated with banners and balloons! There was a small pile of presents, and some cards, so I sat down and opened them. I got £30 in the cards, and then a t-shirt from my brother, two music books from my godmother, a book from Vicky and a mini cake from my parents. I felt kinda disappointed with what my parents had got me, but i was suspicious because my dad was grinning oddly.

My Nan came over a bit later with a biiig box. Then I got excited. I opened it and it was a laptop!!!!YAY! That was what I really wanted! It turned out that it was from my parents and my nan! It's amazing! And now I can go online from my room! It rocks!

Picked John up from the station a bit before lunch and we went back home for a bit. I opened the presents from him and there were loads! He got me a duck teddy, an eeyore mug, an eeyore photo album, and some gorgeous pyjamas, and he also made me a gorgeous lemon drizzle cake! He's so lovely! Oh, and my card sings lol. (Thank you sweetheart *kiss* It's all amazing, and the cake is delicious. Than you *cuddle*)

My parents took us out for lunch at the True Lovers Knot, a little pub in the middle of nowhere. The food was delicious and I had a really lovely time.

John cam back to my house afterwards and didn't leave until after tea (which was cake). My parents had made me a pink cake with white icing and pink decorations on it, so I had some of that and some lemon drizzle cake.

When John got on the train, I was so close to tears. I had such a wonderful day, but saying goodbye is awful :-( oh well, sunday! EEE!

The rest of this week has been ok...got a party at school on monday, and even MORE presents (thank you guys!) but have had to start revising for my exams...

Had a great birthday party last tuesday - my dad took me, kaz, saz and vicky to thorpe park for the day and we went on loads of big rides. It was fantastic...

Sorry for the fragmented update, will try harder to make more sense in future.

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