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Sun, Feb. 25th, 2007, 08:31 pm
As I promised...

This week has been awesome - I don't want to go back to school tomorrow! I like being on holiday so so so much!

Monday - I met up with Bryony and Hattie in Poole to go shopping. I bought some gorgoeus red shoes and some new tops but nothing spectacular. Had a lovely lunch in m&s, and had a coffee in costa to catch up. In the evening I met up with Hannah, Alex, Vicky, Vicky and Claire and we went for tea in Bella Italia before meeting up with Kaz and Mel to see the Feeling at the BIC. Their support was the Frey, and it was completely awesome! We were about four rows from the front, and I had so much fun!

Tuesday - Mum and Dad both had the day off, so John came over and we all went bowling. John beat me on the first game, but I beat him on the second AND at house of the dead 4! lol. He was a bit annoyed about that seeing as I didn't even want to play the stupid shooting game in the first place! Dad made a curry for tea, and I actually ate it for once, although it was a bit hot for my liking! WE managed to miss John's train in the evening, so he got to stay an hour later, which pleased me :)

Wednesday - In the morning I got up late (heaven!) and did some music practice. Dad picked me up at lunch time and took me to the gym for my Assistant Coach Trampolining Course. It was immensly boring and I didn't realise QUITE how many progressions there were for a seat drop, it's ridiculous :S Trained in the evening, but just did drills and messed about, it was really quite fun!

Thursday - Had coaching course all day, but got to mess about with Lucy and Chloe in the afternoon which was lovely :) Did homework etc in the evening. Pretty Boring day.

Friday - Was at the course in the morning, but we finished at lunch time, so Dad picked me up and took us to Frankie and Benny's for lunch. I had a gorgeous meal, and a lush sundae for pudding! In the afternoon he took us to the health club and we played badminton and went for a swim, it was really fun. In the evening, instead of going coaching, I went to Hamer's 18th Birthday Party with John. It was a curly hair theme, which was easy for me, but John bought a red afro wig, it was so funny! I had a great time :)

Saturday - Coached and trained until three. I DID A 1N3 OUT OF THE RIG which made me immensely happy! BIG achievement for me there :) lol. Hadf to do homework in the afternoon though :S Played monopoly with my family in the evening and I won! It was so fun!

Today - Got up late (heaven!) and looked for new trampolining leotards online. lol. Met up with John for lunch and he took me shopping :) Lunch was sooooo nice - a sharing starter, a meaty pizza, and a sharing sundae with brownie in it! It was soooo nice but I don't think I'll be able to eat for a week! Shopping was fun too :):):) Got so much new stuff and had lots of money spent on me (thank you sooooooo much baby!!!!! I love you!) and bought John a really pretty jumper :) It was fantastic!

An overall fantastic week!


Sun, Feb. 25th, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)

Heh, getting bought stuff is always nice :)