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Sat, Feb. 17th, 2007, 08:07 pm

So, I said I'd post more, and my aim is to try and post about once a week so fingers crossed that that happens.

This week's been a bit boring really, much like most of my other weeks. lol.

Sunday - Went to Surrey for a trampolining competition, but we went up the night before and stayed in a hotel because Dad had to go and set up the computers. We spent Saturday evening with another trampoliningy family which was good fun, and the competition was pretty ok. My brother screwed up his final routine (he was second until then) and blamed it on me, which upset me. I came 15th out of 28 and was 0.8 off qualifying which wasn't too bad, but i was annoyed because i know i could've done better than that. In fact, I'd done better than that on the Saturday. I was also supposed to meet Liv, but she didn't come in the end *cries*.

Monday - Nothing interesting happened during the day, except that we were told that my form tutor is retiring at the end of the year *more crying*. Ended up missing tap to coach in the evening because we were short of coaches so I went in to help out. It was a good session actually, even though I had to coach some people who were really not in the mood!

Tuesday - boring....but i got a Valentine's day card in the post from my boyfriend :D:D:D:D

Wednesday - equally as boring, but I had trampolining in the evening which was fun. I did loads of rudis :) and some 1n3s in the rig as well :) Pretty good session but i was quite tired.

Thursday - boringboringboring lol

Friday - school was pointless. Had four lessons in two subjects out of 8 lessons, then ended up having to stay for 45 minutes after school to wait for mum who had to finish work because dad had already set off for Newcastle for the schools finals. Coaching was ok, but I had one really annoying boy who actually slapped me and would not listen at all. I HATE those kids. lol. Came home and watched tv with mum for a bit, which was also nice seeing as I barely see her anymore what with all the stuff I do and homework and boyfriend time :)

Today - has been amazing. Worked this morning (not at Argos anymore for the record, coaching at my trampoline club now) which was good fun. My training in the middle was a disaster though, and Tania and I ended up pissing about while the boys trained. Luckily, a lot of people had gone up to Newcastle for the schools, so we got away with it! Coached some more this afternoon, then came home and showered etc. When I was ready, mum took me shopping! She bought me a new dress :) and new underwear and it was sooo much fun. We went for tea in M&S lol and then came home. I baked brownies for someone special :) and then wrapped up his Valentine's presents infront of dancing on ice with mum. Seeing as Dad and Alex are in Newcastle, we're going to the cinema later :D I love girlie weekends, and they're so special because they're so rare.

Right, time for me to sign off...

Love to you all :)